A life complete contained already in the cosmic egg

diary of a randomly selected man

Born a babe, a human curled in like a snail,
Unfurls its soft moist limbs, filled with fluid
And not quite bones, a bonnie babe and babbling.
Hardened into ossuaries that close the gaps and grow
And stretch a babe until it cracks as on a wheel
That turns and grinds an each into imprints.
Shadows shrink and elongate ev’ry day
Under sun and moon. We grow a face
That mirrors over weeks and hours to wrinkled skin
Worn away by years of pain and joy.
We each must bear upon our backs our share
Of absent Atlas’ burden, driving down to ground.
Or we resist ‘til cross legged on a burning hill
We see the end of time, what was and is and will…

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