Queer Poetrees

Will we talk about unicorns then

Will we point out that unicorns were once said to be brown

and their horns red, white, and black

that the story of the maiden’s betrayal

came much later

along with the picture of a horse’s grace

and the glow-in-the-dark innocence

I imagine your shoulders spreading out

the way the sand reveals itself

when the ocean pulls away

Our bodies are nothing but water and sand

a constant tugging and laying bare

fear and imagination so close

I hope that my skin will still be transparent enough

for the rainbows to show

arteries and aorta

even when the river of our voices

is forked into separate streams

and your chin starts scratching my lips

While you find yourself

I am making this new me

lining up the words that I have used so proudly

asking them

as if they were a congress

which are…

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