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eat the orange in bed with your hands. you have never been one for manners. if the juice touches the sheets just pretend it didn’t. maybe it won’t dry sticky. maybe it will and you will be stuck, glued to the bed by your mouth’s sweet run-off. that ought to…

“Good morning, sunshine,” she said. He felt the thick rug beneath him and he heard the crackle of the open fire. He also heard his girlfriend crying in another room. “Now we make sure every woman knows who you belong to,” said his ex-wife, as she began carving her name into his cheek. ~ Patreon… via […]

via Unconfined — Carter Ford

A dog chased me while I was jogging, and my response to this potential threat on my life–or at least my ankles–was to say “hey now, don’t do that.” I approach dangerous conflict like Jerry Seinfeld approaches everything in his life: observe and quip. This rather passive and snarky lifestyle lends itself to a lot […] […]

Two hedonists with a rented car take on this obscure sorrow via Exulansis — The Panty Junkyard

TW: rape Incel Redditor unapologetically admits to raping an unconscious woman :: We Hunted The Mammoth

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